The client, a multifamily property owner and manager with over 260 buildings under management nationwide, engaged with Cypress Energy to determine the energy and cost savings potential of installing high-efficiency HVAC equipment, including combination boilers, at their newly constructed 350-unit complex in Boston, MA.  

Boston, MA.

Multi-Family Property

Annual Energy Savings

Annual Cost Savings

24,257 kWh, 7,006 Therms



Cypress identified and secured incentives for combi boilers offered through the property’s gas utility. Cypress was able to leverage its strategic relationship with the utility partner and secure heightened rebates totaling $825,600.00, amounting to 3 times the standard incentive that is publicly available.  


Total Incentive Award

Cypress was able to secure additional incentives for other energy-efficient measures installed at the property, including common area furnaces and heat-pumps, totaling another $92,500.00 in cost savings.  


Whether you are building a new facility, upgrading old, inefficient equipment or manage a property in need of energy improvements, Cypress Energy can help you identify energy saving measures, provide technical assistance, and secure financial incentives to launch your company’s next big project. 

Cypress Energy as a Strategic Partner

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