Sustainability at the center of infrastructure

Cypress energy

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We are breaking the barriers of a sustainable future

Cypress Energy is making the spaces you live and work more sustainable while designing mutually beneficial relationships between utilities, customers and manufacturers of energy efficient equipment. 

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Why Cypress Energy

How we can help

Using Sustainability to Drive Business Growth.

Utilize sustainability as a powerful tool to gain a competitive edge by developing innovative services, boosting profits, and seizing new opportunities.

In-Depth Research On Energy Rebates.

Researches energy incentives at all levels to unlock clients' investment potential.

Risk-Free Energy-Saving Programs.

Provide property owners and managers with risk-free energy-saving programs that include custom savings calculations and simplified communication, all at no upfront cost.

End-to-End Energy Solutions

Offer comprehensive solutions that align with strategic partners and leverage programs for optimal results.

Innovative Energy Solutions

Pursue cutting-edge programs that provide tangible benefits and unlock unique energy-saving opportunities through our network.

We offer comprehensive energy solutions, including rebate research, risk-free energy-saving programs, and program development, all geared towards unlocking unique energy-saving opportunities.

From coast to coast, we help companies save energy and money by researching incentives, implementing strategic efficiency projects, coordinating with various stakeholders across the value chain, and creating specialized programs where none exist. 

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Saving You Energy and Money 

Meet the Team

Natalie Casper


Amelia Nelson


Cristian Miranda






Case Study 

Cypress Energy assised in the reduction 60% of emissions through the switch from gasoline car to electric car. The public daytime charging available at this location ensures that EVs will be charged when the electric grid is mostly powered by solar energy.

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Learn how you can save today! 

With our custom energy-savings calculations, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive research on rebates and incentives, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals and drive down carbon emissions for decades to come. Contact us today to learn more.

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