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Assisting Property and Portfolio Managers to Reduce Costs and Enhance Energy Savings Through Customized Programs.


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Saving Energy and Cutting Cost from East Coast to West Coast

Why Cypress energy

Cypress Energy's deep knowledge of the energy sector equips us to expertly navigate the evolving landscape of electrification and smart energy, offering clients the latest and most effective solutions. By implementing innovative solutions, our team has already delivered significant operational cost savings to our clients. Let Cypress Energy save you money, time and stress today! 

$4.6 million 

Incentive revenue earned

23 million kWh 

Energy Saved 

16.3 million mT 

CO2 Avoided 


Properties served 

how we can help

Energy Solutions Strategy

Our team is committed to pursuing new program development opportunities that enable us to provide clients with cutting-edge solutions that deliver tangible benefits. We do this by utilizing our extensive network to unlock unique energy saving opprotunities.

We offer comprehensive energy solutions, including rebate research, risk-free energy-saving programs, and program development, all geared towards unlocking unique energy-saving opportunities.

Risk-Free Energy-Saving Programs

At Cypress Energy, we make it easy for property managers and owners to participate in our energy-saving programs with no upfront costs and no risk. Our team delivers funding by simplifying communications with stakeholders and providing custom energy-savings calculations tailored to each property.

In-Depth Research On Energy Rebates

Cypress Energy conducts extensive research on energy rebates and incentives available at local, state, and federal levels, providing clients with comprehensive information which leads them to unlock the full potential of their energy investments. 

End-to-End Energy Solutions

At Cypress Energy, we provide end-to-end solutions that offer strategic alignment with OEMs, suppliers, property managers, and owners, developing pilots with manufacturers and utilities, while leveraging midstream and downstream programs to drive optimal results. 

At Cypress Energy, we work across the entire supply chain to devise unique programs that minimize operational expenses, decrease energy consumption, and offer direct funding for energy-efficient equipment installations. 

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Driving down carbon emissions  for decades to come


 Commercial and industrial customers also sit in a lucrative position when it comes to rebates and incentives, as these types of buildings operate for longer periods of the day, consuming large amounts of energy. We have helped clients in retail, non-profit, and public sectors receive incentives for all kinds of equipment, including energy management systems, rooftop units, smart-thermostats, EV charging stations, and more.


Multifamily buildings represent an ideal market for rebate and incentive opportunities because they benefit from significant economies of scale due to high unit volume and routine replacements. Nearly every energy-consuming device installed at a multifamily property can receive rebates, reducing project costs and minimizing overhead. Heat pumps, EV charging stations, appliances, water conservation equipment, and gas equipment like hot water heaters and boilers are just some of the measures where we see great returns.

Our team works directly at every level of the supply chain to find creative solutions to reduce energy consumption and operational costs, while also providing funding for energy efficiency equipment installations. We specialize in managing strategies for multi-family residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and can help you navigate the complexities of the energy space.   

Our Clients

Retail Case Study

Case Study 

See how we avoided 86.5 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to removing 17 passenger vehicles from the road each year.

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Learn how you can save today! 

With our custom energy-savings calculations, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive research on rebates and incentives, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals and drive down carbon emissions for decades to come. Contact us today to learn more.

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